DSE4200 is a
microwave-based moisture meter
that offers you extra baling time

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A transmitter and a receiver

A DSE4200 moisture meter kit contains a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends out a microwave signal through the bale, while the receiver receives the attenuated signal that is calculated into a moisture percentage.

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Advantages of the microwaves

  • Measuring up to 13.000 cm3 of material by each stroke
  • Non-sensitive to surface moisture and temperature fluctuations
  • Transmitter and receiver do not need to have contact with the material
  • Alistair Hodnett
    DSE4200 is a valuable asset for my baling business. It is accurate and particularly advantageous when dampness falls. It eliminates any doubt for my drivers and gives confidence to my customers…
    Alistair Hodnett
    Farmer, Scotland
  • Carl Johan Schultz
    With DSE4200 I can extend the baling 1 hour per day in average. After several seasons of use, I fully trust the moisture meter and no longer need to use the probe during baling
    Carl Johan Schultz
    Farm owner, Gjerlev DK
  • Eivind
    DSE4200 allows us to control the dry matter of hay in a reliable manner, and gives our customers greater confidence about the product quality
    Eivind Kjøndal
    Agricultural Contractor, Norway

Benefits of DSE4200

The non-contact microwave technology and the practical design ensure many benefits
that make your baling more efficient!

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  • Extra baling time
  • Overview of the field
  • Fewer wet bales
  • No manual measurements
  • No maintenance
  • High accuracy
  • Reliable measurements
  • Documentable data
  • Consistent measurements

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Press reviews

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DSE Test Solutions supplied the very first moisture meter for a straw-driven thermoelectric plant in 1991. Since then our microwave technology has become the preferred technology in the industry.

Today, we proudly can offer an advanced technological solution for professional farmers and agricultural contractors, who wish to have precise moisture measurements during baling.

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